Well, this is frustrating

I overdid it yesterday. My morning skate was okay, but it took longer for me to get started so I pushed myself faster and harder than usual. Then later in the morning some other dames and I played at the skate park for a little while. I took a couple tumbles there… I really need to work on falling properly. Then in the afternoon I put my skates on again to test out a new potential venue.

Last night I stepped on some glass, right in the ball of my foot… In a spot where I push hard with my skate.

I woke up this morning pretty sore.

Well crap.

I know my muscles will quickly recoup but I’m really paranoid about this foot injury. What’s even more ridiculous is this is probably going to be the lamest injury of my derby career.

Next weekend I’m heading to Edmonton for derby bootcamp and I HAVE to be healthy.


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