Practice, practice and more practice

Practice on Sunday we went through a mock benchmark session. The only thing we didn’t do was hitting; being outside on concrete we didn’t want to destroy our gear. But we did virtually everything else.

Guess what?

I think I’m going to pass!

Some skills I’m REALLY sloppy at… cross cutting? I look like a deer on ice… Plow stops? If I’m allowed as long as I need to stop, I can do them.

Pretty excited about all this since we’ve been invited to a rookie scrimmage at the beginning of July in Medicine Hat. We have to pass to play and we’re all working hard to do that.

Last night we had a great impromptu skate at our secret location. I’d say there were almost 20 of us out there; music blaring, some skating fast, some relaxed, some practicing jumps and cross overs, but generally a great time. I fucking love these girls! We plan to do a skate around the downtown area to turn some heads and promote the league. So watch for us in a neighbourhood near you!

On the agenda for this week…
Phone calls… lots and lots of phone calls trying to secure a permanent practice and hopefully bout space.
Weight training… performing whips for the first time has made me realize my back and upper body muscles need more work.
Skating as much as possible… obvious.


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