Hello skates, I’ve missed you!

So yah… it’s been snowing for the last, well forever. When it’s not snowing, it’s raining. When it’s not raining, it’s screaming wind. When it’s not windy… well, you get the point.

I missed indoor practice last week due to a spontaneous trip to Pittsburgh (Go Habs Go!) and it felt like forever I had been on my skates. Last night, in desperation, I circled on a 6 ft x 20 ft smooth piece of road in front of my house, until commuter traffic got too busy. That helped a little.

This morning I woke early and peeked out the window… no rain, no snow, no wind; there’s still snow on the ground but pavement seemed to to be generally dry. I laid back down and thought of the best route to take if I were to venture out… Riverbottom? Likely debris and sticky crap from the trees will be all over the path. Henderson? Same thing. Scenic? Gravel from road sanding. Then I remembered the path out by the northside industrial park. It’s long, straight, with few trees to create debris.

I grabbed my gear and I went for it.

I scraped the frost off my car and drove to the north side. I was very happy to find a beautiful, dry, clean path. This path is a gooder, derby girls! Super smooth and perfect for speed and endurance training. It’s great for beginner skaters too as well as those derby girls who have kids in tow. (Air quality was a little sketchy, but I’ve smelled worse. It IS the north side)

I pushed myself till I was screaming myself to stop, then I pushed myself more until I thought I was going to puke. God, I love skating!

Here’s the stats…

Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 7.67 kms
Top speed: 19.3 km NEW PERSONAL BEST YAH!
Average speed: 15.7 km

I worked on skating in half derby stance to work those muscles around my knees that cause my bad form. Desi, you’d be proud! I made those undeveloped muscles burn! Then I bent over all the way a’la Charles Hamelin and couldn’t believe the power I got. Too much fun!


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