Boobquake and more workout stuff…

Good practice Sunday, but I felt I didn’t give it my all :-/ Pretty disappointed in myself.

On Monday Nixxi, Half Pint, Desi, Kelly and I went around Henderson Lake over lunch hour to celebrate Boobquake. If you don’t know what that is, Google it. I’m tired of talking about it and it’s old news anyway.

approx 35 minute spin
5.74 kms total
Average speed, 13 km/hr

Desi tried coaching me on my technique. I think I’m just going to have to be filmed to see what I’m doing wrong. It’s obvious my legs are twisting ridiculously since Nixxi asked if I was double-jointed while we were doing speed trials at Sunday’s practice.

I’m pretty sure some muscle training in the right places will help correct my technique, so….

Shout out to Kloe who designed this for me! She focused on core strength, upper body strength and balance. After going through the routine, I learned that I have been doing lunges ALL WRONG! Squats too. Highly recommended for anyone to work with a trainer before taking on something like this; you learn lots about technique. Some of these descriptions may not make sense to you, but I want to write everything down before I forget 🙂 (Kloe game me stickmen pictures for reference LOL)

Day one: compound chest + back + core

Forward lunge – twist row
10 reps, 2 sets
Forward lunge, twist upper body over knee
Keep  foreleg straight, weight on heal for balance
Big step ahead, keep core tight, step back

Pushups – knees to start
10 reps, 2 sets
hands in line with chest, it will feel weird, just do it
use dumbells to keep pressure off wrists

15 reps, 2 sets

Lay on back, hands behind head, bend knee to opposite elbow, ensure no space between lower back and floor

Single leg deadlifts
5 lb weights, 12 reps, 2 sets

Start standing, bend over, arms hanging, lift one leg in air to 90 degrees
Lift weight in opposite arm, elbows in
DON’T ARCH BACK! Distribute weight to big toe and keep core tight for balance.

Floor chest fly + legs at 45 degrees
5 lb weights, 12 reps, 2 sets

Lay on back, ensure no space between lower back and floor, raise legs at 45 degrees, lift weights up and across chest

Double tuck crunch
15 reps, 2 sets

On back, arms over head, legs at 45 degree angle
Bring arms up and over to sides, tucking in legs.

Day two: compound + arms

Lunge, hold, single bicep curls
8 lb weights, 10 reps, 2 sets

Keep foreleg straight, weight on heel for balance

Wide squat with shoulder raise overhead extension
10 lb weights, 10 reps, 2 sets

squat with legs wide apart, feet slightly turned out
lift weight up with both hands, over and behind head

20 seconds, 2 reps

Pushup position for 20 seconds

Narrow squat with shoulder press & side leg lift
5 lb weights, 10 reps, 2 sets

Keep heel out, lift weight with arm opposite to leg lift

Bench dips
8 reps, 2 sets

Elbows in, palms on edge of bench, knees bent and heels on floor, use your arms, not your legs to lift yourself,

Bench crunch
10 reps, 2 sets

Day three:

Narrow squats with side lateral raise
3 lb weights, 10 reps, 2 sets

Squat position while raising weight to the side, keep arms straight, slight bend in elbow, keep weight forward of body, relax the shoulders

10 reps, 2 sets

hands in line with chest
use dumbells to keep pressure off wrists

Dead bug
12 reps, 2 sets

Lay on back, arms and legs in the air, raise and lower alternate legs and arms

Stationary Wall Squat with Arm Curls
5 lb weights, 12 reps, 2 sets

Back against the wall in squat position, keep elbows in for arm curls

Bent over high row
5 lb weights, 12 reps, 2 sets

Bend over 90 degrees at waist, lift arms with 90 degree bend in elbow
Do it with one foot.

Floor heel touches
12 reps, 2 sets

Sit up position, raise slightly and touch hand to heel

Additional notes…
If you want strength, go for 3-8 reps
If you want mass, go for 8-12 reps
If you want endurance, go for 13+ reps
Add more lunge reps to the left leg to keep muscles balanced (I can already tell my right leg is getting bigger when I put on jeans.

Thursday morning workout was canceled today because we’re getting hit with another snowstorm. Sigh.


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