April 22 Beginning of the Thursday morning workouts

Roller skaters, roller bladers, runners, walkers, even bikers… We want you there next week! Come do some kick ass conditioning with some derby girls! EVERYONE IS WELCOME; seriously!

Baroness Picnic Shelter at the riverbottom
Meet time 6 a.m. every Thursday
Hit the trails by 6:10 a.m.
Meet back at vehicles by 6:40 a.m.
Put on your sneakers to do stairs, followed by situps, pushups then back down.
Finish by 7 a.m.

Thanks to Maude LoBrowski, Kranibal Lecter and Corynn H for coming out to the first one!

With my new iPhone app, I was able to track our progress via GPS. (Go iPhone!) MotionX GPS Lite… and pretty accurate when I compared the distances to my Google Maps route. It’s a free, but there is a paid one too with more features.

The stats…
Total distance: 6.68 kms
Avg speed: 14.9 km/hr
Max speed: 16.7 km/hr
Elapsed time: 26.49 minutes

Following the skate…
Up the stairs
Situps & pushups
Down the stairs
Elapsed time: 10 minutes

You will not believe the energy you will have for the rest of the day! Come next week! Dooooooooiiiiiittttttt!


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