Humbled by the support. Thanks!!!!

The Deathbridge Derby Dames fundraiser was a great success and I was happy to meet everyone when I had a few minutes to mingle! Special thanks to my gal pals who fed their starving derby girl some nachos. Nom nom. Also thanks to our sponsors, donators, auction bidders and auction winners.

Things I learned… I need to practice my derby autograph; my maneuvering skills through a crowd are quite decent, unless the floor is wet; going down stairs in skates isn’t that hard; flash mobs full of British guys aren’t always a good idea; chicks on skates are smokin’ hot!

Henotic; you are the best live band venue in town. I’m sad you’re closing. Thanks to all the bands too. Phantom Creeps, you rocked my fishnets off!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures. But if I get a hold of some through FB I’ll cross post them on here.

My body hurts from being on skates for 6 hours. Hurts so GOOD! Practice tonight should work the kinks out though.

Time for coffee.


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