Hit me, dammit!

Writing this as I eat my after-practice Wendy’s burger. I seem to have built in that little tradition on Sundays.

I’m typing on my phone while watching hockey playoffs and wouldn’t you know it… Just lost my entire fucking post during an exciting moment. So here’s the short version.

Big moment for me; did some blocks; took some blocks; fell lots; never been better.

Ran some different drills tonight which was awesome. Plus I got to play jammer! But instead of 4 girls in the pack helping and 4 girls trying to stop me, we played ‘Everybody get the jammer.’

So I had to move through a group of 8 (I think that’s how many there were) all who were out to get me. Sliding through that many tightly-packed girls on a 5ft wide track was challenging, and a little intimidating, I admit.

I made it through once somewhat unscathed and tried to maneuver through an opening right in the middle of the pack on my second round. I got sandwiched pretty good and made it about halfway through the pack before I got shut down completely.

I feel really sorry for the other team’s jammers. I’m no expert, but I feel we’re pretty good for a first go. We can only get better from here.

Other notes…
Tried a new sock combination. Instead of 2 trouser socks I used a lightly padded sole ankle sock and a trouser sock. My feet felt way better.

While I’m really confident in my speed; I now realize I need to work on my core strength so if someone bumps me or knocks my skate, I’m not going down so easy. Situps. Ugh. It’s gotta be done.

Excited to hopefully start organizing some early morning outdoor workouts this week! All will be welcome to that, blades and skates, so watch our Deathbridge Derby Dames facebook group for announcements.

Shout out to my friend Joey, who gave me a pair of Sugai Reinforcing sweatpants. They are big and beautiful and fit perfectly over my derby gear, particularly my knee pads. Thanks!

Pretty sure I have to trim up my mouthguard. I keep coming away with a weird blister at the back of my mouth at the end of practice.

That’s all I got for now. Ball is starting for my kids which means running them to games 4x a week and less opportunity for evening skating. I’ll have to figure something out.

If you’re a reader wanting to join derby, feel free to throw questions my way. Not only am I doing this to track my own progress, but to give others an idea of what the sport is about before deciding to get into it. Let’s be honest, derby gear is expensive. Some fear that if they get the gear and then realize they can’t take a hit (totally could happen; I was worried about that too) or can’t keep up with the pack, they will be stuck with some pretty awesome but pricey recreational skates.

This is going to take some dedication. Formal practice is once a week, but there is an expectation to do some endurance training on our own time. It’s not just about hitting girls, but a game of strategy, position and protecting your own girl every time the jammers round the track. It’s a pretty cool sport so far from what I’ve experienced! I havent played a bout yet and I’m no expert, but I welcome questions. 🙂


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