I did my civic duty

(How many of you laughed in your head when you read ‘doodie?’)

Last night myself and a few other Deathbridge Derby Dames went down to Lethbridge City Hall to check out the proposed plans for the North Lethbridge Regional Park. Having been kicked out of various outdoor locations already and potential to be kicked out of our current favourite spot to do laps, we figured it was time to let our voices be heard.

Initially, my thoughts going into this was trying to negotiate a nice, smooth, flat, outdoor space for us to skate on. But after thinking it through, it’s more than that which the city needs.

We have a rec ball hockey league that uses the public tennis courts for their games, but are booted off mid-April, right when the league should just be up and running. They need a surface surrounded by boards or a fence to call their own.

I have a boy who wants to learn to skateboard. The streets and sidewalks in my neighbourhood are very busy with traffic and not safe for a newbie. The only smooth wide open spaces are tennis courts (not allowed) or parking lots (not safe for a short kid) or the roads at the nearby cemetery (also not allowed & kinda creepy to some). He needs a safe, smooth, somewhat contained area that’s enjoyable for him to practice and learn.

We have a derby team that desires to practice together in the summer sun. While we have oodles of bike paths to choose from to train for speed and endurance, there is no allowable* place for us to play scrimmages and other fun drills in a group.

*Allowable as in we are skating there anyway, but if the powers-that-be knew we were there; we’d be booted out.

I really think the city could come up with a couple outdoor arenas that would suit all 3 needs, then maybe double as a floodable ice surface in the winter.

So we spoke to the the park architects who were responsible for drawing up the current concepts.

Unfortunately, none of the new concepts had what we were looking for, but the facilitator there was open to suggestions and encouraged our involvement by getting us to add suggestions to a sign-in board.

(If you’re curious about some of the concepts, click here!)

So, I did my civic duty…

hehehe doodie

We’ll see if anything comes up by participating. I’ll be watching city council carefully.


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