April 9-10

April 9
I got tired of waiting for the wind to calm down so I did a jaunt first thing in the morning. I didn’t even bother cataloging the distance because it was a quick one.

Once I hit the bike path and headed east, I took one push and was literally carried 2 blocks by the wind. On the way home I suffered from watering eyes, windburned cheeks and people walking their dogs passing me (yes, passing me) as I struggled against the ‘gentle’ breeze.

I tried. And people who walked past me, laughed.

I was laughing at me too.

April 10
Skated over to the bowling alley this morning to watch the kids bowl in their leagues. While I was motivated to go, once I hit the streets my feet were sluggish and I was tripping over myself the entire way. Not my best performance.

3.46 mi (5.57 km) in about 1/2 hour

Later in the afternoon I met up with some Dames at the westside school. The weather was surprisingly calm and sunny. We were all happy to be out there and I even met a couple new girls I haven’t skated with before.

I passed off a walkie talkie to my kids so we could keep tabs on each other and sent them off to go biking in the area. The group practiced some pack skating, some weaving and perfecting crossovers since most of us have new skates and are getting accustomed to them. It was nice and relaxing and I really enjoyed everyone’s company.

I’m so excited to have crossed another benchmark off the list… Jumping! Skunky brought her man who is a manic on a pair of inlines. Greg, as well as new skater-friend Shannon, coached us through some jumping techniques.

I’m definitely a watcher if I want to learn something new, so after watching Shannon do some jumps and some tips on proper landings from Greg, I was clearing the 3 inch benchmark.

This is a big deal for me, as I have never jumped in figure skates, let alone while skating on wheels and on concrete 🙂 My technique isn’t great, but that will come.

In other news, my skates are breaking in nicely. I think I’m starting to feel the more wiggle room that comes with breaking them in. I don’t really like it and I’m pretty sure some new inserts are necessary.

I particularly felt it when practicing starts by running on the toe stops (which I suck, gotta work on that next). I may try taking a hair dryer to my skates to tighten them up around the heel as well (under rollergirl.ca’s close supervision, of course).

Tomorrow is indoor practice! Yay! Can’t wait to run some drills!

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