Wind sucks

"I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!"

I find it hilarious I haven’t really worried about the physicality I’m about to get myself into, yet I worry about practicing in 40 km/hour (24.85 mi/hr) winds outside.

I guess you can’t really concentrate on technique while you’re dodging the crazy lady on her bike swirling in the wind.


Last night we met at Henotic to plan for our fundraiser April 17th. Do you have your tickets yet? Get them at Henotic or at Bluenotes for $10. They are available at the door too, but interest is high so I recommend you pre-buy if you want to arrive fashionably late.

You can see event details here or find out more about the event through our Facebook page. We’ll have the upstairs for our silent auction and the downstairs for all the ruckus, so come out and have some fun! I’ll be there with my skates on!


This Sunday marks our first ‘official’ practice. I know I’ve been talking about practices for a while; but this is the one we agreed upon many moons ago before we needed to get together for media coverage.

Our practice space is small… really small. So small that last night Maude said if we’re going toΒ  hit, we have to hit towards the inside of the circle to avoid having an unfortunate incident with a wall. Could be interesting. But I’m looking forward to rolling in a pack and practicing drills at a more feverish pace.

Before that… derby board meeting on Friday πŸ™‚


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