April 2

It’s been a long time since I’ve put on skates… well at least it feels like a long time (Sunday). The good new is I laced up these bad girls today…

Sexy Riedels with Radar Pure outdoor wheels

Lisa and Chelsea from Rollergirl.ca are my heroes and if you desire to purchase skates, I totally recommend going through them. I had questions on the fit and between emails and phone calls, we decided these skates were the best for me. But I may have to purchase an extra insert for my left foot since it’s a half size smaller than my right. For a first run out, I’m VERY happy.

I have Red Flatouts for indoor wheels and Radar Pure for outdoor wheels. I gotta say, after skating on crappy 20-year-old bearings, these outdoor skates roll like a dream. My first outing today was with my 6-year-old and after a couple of pushes I was far ahead of him on the bike path at Henderson Lake.

Realizing I’d have to go sans children to really test these babies out, I arranged for some alone-skating-time later in the afternoon.

I REALLY like skating the paths at the riverbottom. The loops are large enough to keep the roll interesting, enough debris and cracks to help practice balance, enough people wandering around to practice control and a good variety of hills, corners and straightaways to practice a wide variety of speeds and turns.

Here’s the skating stats…
Henderson Loop – 1.76 mi (2.84 km)
5 Large Riverbottom Loops – 6.35 mi (10.2 km)
Loop to past Helen Schuler to Hwy 3 & back – 2.92 mi (4.7 km)
Total distance 11.03 mi (17.74 km)
(That’s the distance from Lethbridge to Coalhurst! I don’t think I would ever be able to do that on my old skates.)

I started timing my loops and I’m really happy with the results for my first go.

1 loop = 1.27 mi (2.04 km)
Loop 1 – warmup
Loop 2 – 9:21
Loop 3 – 8:58
Loop 4 – 8:27
Loop 5 – Cool down

Path to hwy 3 route = 2.92 mi (4.7 km)
About 13 min

Including warmup and cooldown, I’d say I skated for about 1 hour, in between water breaks. Seventeen kilometres in one hour seems like a pretty decent speed, but I have nothing to compare it to.

I’ve started a Google Map outlining my routes with distances. If anyone wants to use it for reference, feel free to click here! You’ll be able to view the bike routes and the distances are listed. If you want to add your own stuff to it, just let me know and I can add you as a collaborator.

I’ve already missed the first half of the first period of the hockey game. Gotta run!!!! Go Habs!


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