Boobquake and more workout stuff…

Good practice Sunday, but I felt I didn’t give it my all :-/ Pretty disappointed in myself.

On Monday Nixxi, Half Pint, Desi, Kelly and I went around Henderson Lake over lunch hour to celebrate Boobquake. If you don’t know what that is, Google it. I’m tired of talking about it and it’s old news anyway.

approx 35 minute spin
5.74 kms total
Average speed, 13 km/hr

Desi tried coaching me on my technique. I think I’m just going to have to be filmed to see what I’m doing wrong. It’s obvious my legs are twisting ridiculously since Nixxi asked if I was double-jointed while we were doing speed trials at Sunday’s practice.

I’m pretty sure some muscle training in the right places will help correct my technique, so….

Shout out to Kloe who designed this for me! She focused on core strength, upper body strength and balance. After going through the routine, I learned that I have been doing lunges ALL WRONG! Squats too. Highly recommended for anyone to work with a trainer before taking on something like this; you learn lots about technique. Some of these descriptions may not make sense to you, but I want to write everything down before I forget ๐Ÿ™‚ (Kloe game me stickmen pictures for reference LOL)

Day one: compound chest + back + core

Forward lunge – twist row
10 reps, 2 sets
Forward lunge, twist upper body over knee
Keepย  foreleg straight, weight on heal for balance
Big step ahead, keep core tight, step back

Pushups – knees to start
10 reps, 2 sets
hands in line with chest, it will feel weird, just do it
use dumbells to keep pressure off wrists

15 reps, 2 sets

Lay on back, hands behind head, bend knee to opposite elbow, ensure no space between lower back and floor

Single leg deadlifts
5 lb weights, 12 reps, 2 sets

Start standing, bend over, arms hanging, lift one leg in air to 90 degrees
Lift weight in opposite arm, elbows in
DON’T ARCH BACK! Distribute weight to big toe and keep core tight for balance.

Floor chest fly + legs at 45 degrees
5 lb weights, 12 reps, 2 sets

Lay on back, ensure no space between lower back and floor, raise legs at 45 degrees, lift weights up and across chest

Double tuck crunch
15 reps, 2 sets

On back, arms over head, legs at 45 degree angle
Bring arms up and over to sides, tucking in legs.

Day two: compound + arms

Lunge, hold, single bicep curls
8 lb weights, 10 reps, 2 sets

Keep foreleg straight, weight on heel for balance

Wide squat with shoulder raise overhead extension
10 lb weights, 10 reps, 2 sets

squat with legs wide apart, feet slightly turned out
lift weight up with both hands, over and behind head

20 seconds, 2 reps

Pushup position for 20 seconds

Narrow squat with shoulder press & side leg lift
5 lb weights, 10 reps, 2 sets

Keep heel out, lift weight with arm opposite to leg lift

Bench dips
8 reps, 2 sets

Elbows in, palms on edge of bench, knees bent and heels on floor, use your arms, not your legs to lift yourself,

Bench crunch
10 reps, 2 sets

Day three:

Narrow squats with side lateral raise
3 lb weights, 10 reps, 2 sets

Squat position while raising weight to the side, keep arms straight, slight bend in elbow, keep weight forward of body, relax the shoulders

10 reps, 2 sets

hands in line with chest
use dumbells to keep pressure off wrists

Dead bug
12 reps, 2 sets

Lay on back, arms and legs in the air, raise and lower alternate legs and arms

Stationary Wall Squat with Arm Curls
5 lb weights, 12 reps, 2 sets

Back against the wall in squat position, keep elbows in for arm curls

Bent over high row
5 lb weights, 12 reps, 2 sets

Bend over 90 degrees at waist, lift arms with 90 degree bend in elbow
Do it with one foot.

Floor heel touches
12 reps, 2 sets

Sit up position, raise slightly and touch hand to heel

Additional notes…
If you want strength, go for 3-8 reps
If you want mass, go for 8-12 reps
If you want endurance, go for 13+ reps
Add more lunge reps to the left leg to keep muscles balanced (I can already tell my right leg is getting bigger when I put on jeans.

Thursday morning workout was canceled today because we’re getting hit with another snowstorm. Sigh.

April 22 Beginning of the Thursday morning workouts

Roller skaters, roller bladers, runners, walkers, even bikers… We want you there next week! Come do some kick ass conditioning with some derby girls! EVERYONE IS WELCOME; seriously!

Baroness Picnic Shelter at the riverbottom
Meet time 6 a.m. every Thursday
Hit the trails by 6:10 a.m.
Meet back at vehicles by 6:40 a.m.
Put on your sneakers to do stairs, followed by situps, pushups then back down.
Finish by 7 a.m.

Thanks to Maude LoBrowski, Kranibal Lecter and Corynn H for coming out to the first one!

With my new iPhone app, I was able to track our progress via GPS. (Go iPhone!) MotionX GPS Lite… and pretty accurate when I compared the distances to my Google Maps route. It’s a free, but there is a paid one too with more features.

The stats…
Total distance: 6.68 kms
Avg speed: 14.9 km/hr
Max speed: 16.7 km/hr
Elapsed time: 26.49 minutes

Following the skate…
Up the stairs
Situps & pushups
Down the stairs
Elapsed time: 10 minutes

You will not believe the energy you will have for the rest of the day! Come next week! Dooooooooiiiiiittttttt!

April 19 – Road Rash!

Met my derby gal pal Skunky for a quick roll at the riverbottom! (Fan her on Facebook under Skunky #42. She’d love to meet you!)

3.06 mi (4.92 km)

We rolled back to our vehicles and I decided I was still up for more so I headed back out by myself.

2.84 mi (4.56 km)

Total: 5.9 mi (9.48 km)

You know the ski saying of “accidents always happen on the last run of the day”?

Yup, totally true.

It was getting late into the evening and the paths were essentially deserted, so I decided to push my speed a bit more to find out how fast I could go.

Enter Deadman’s Curve

Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. This corner is at the bottom of a hill, has about an 80 degree turn with the path slanted down in the opposite direction of the corner. My kids have wiped out there on their bikes (with training wheels) and I usually approach this corner with caution, but tonight I was feeling cocky.

I take the hill at full speed… I chicken out halfway down… try and stop… start tripping over my toe stop… I launch myself into the ditch to avoid a face-meets-pavement catastrophe… I land with a resounding “oooof” with my wrists and thighs taking most of the impact. My bailing-out skills aren’t perfect so my left thigh got a nice scrape of pavement. Had I been wearing pants I likely would have come away unscathed.

I looked up to find no one had witnessed my grace… damn. It would of been neat to know how that looked.

I picked the grass out of my wrist guards and socks, dusted off my shorts and continued on my way.

Today my right wrist and right shoulder are a little achy; my left thigh is barely bruised, but all-in-all I survived the hardest fall I’ve taken to date. I’m sure there will be more of that to come.

Deadman’s Curve… it’s on.

Hit me, dammit!

Writing this as I eat my after-practice Wendy’s burger. I seem to have built in that little tradition on Sundays.

I’m typing on my phone while watching hockey playoffs and wouldn’t you know it… Just lost my entire fucking post during an exciting moment. So here’s the short version.

Big moment for me; did some blocks; took some blocks; fell lots; never been better.

Ran some different drills tonight which was awesome. Plus I got to play jammer! But instead of 4 girls in the pack helping and 4 girls trying to stop me, we played ‘Everybody get the jammer.’

So I had to move through a group of 8 (I think that’s how many there were) all who were out to get me. Sliding through that many tightly-packed girls on a 5ft wide track was challenging, and a little intimidating, I admit.

I made it through once somewhat unscathed and tried to maneuver through an opening right in the middle of the pack on my second round. I got sandwiched pretty good and made it about halfway through the pack before I got shut down completely.

I feel really sorry for the other team’s jammers. I’m no expert, but I feel we’re pretty good for a first go. We can only get better from here.

Other notes…
Tried a new sock combination. Instead of 2 trouser socks I used a lightly padded sole ankle sock and a trouser sock. My feet felt way better.

While I’m really confident in my speed; I now realize I need to work on my core strength so if someone bumps me or knocks my skate, I’m not going down so easy. Situps. Ugh. It’s gotta be done.

Excited to hopefully start organizing some early morning outdoor workouts this week! All will be welcome to that, blades and skates, so watch our Deathbridge Derby Dames facebook group for announcements.

Shout out to my friend Joey, who gave me a pair of Sugai Reinforcing sweatpants. They are big and beautiful and fit perfectly over my derby gear, particularly my knee pads. Thanks!

Pretty sure I have to trim up my mouthguard. I keep coming away with a weird blister at the back of my mouth at the end of practice.

That’s all I got for now. Ball is starting for my kids which means running them to games 4x a week and less opportunity for evening skating. I’ll have to figure something out.

If you’re a reader wanting to join derby, feel free to throw questions my way. Not only am I doing this to track my own progress, but to give others an idea of what the sport is about before deciding to get into it. Let’s be honest, derby gear is expensive. Some fear that if they get the gear and then realize they can’t take a hit (totally could happen; I was worried about that too) or can’t keep up with the pack, they will be stuck with some pretty awesome but pricey recreational skates.

This is going to take some dedication. Formal practice is once a week, but there is an expectation to do some endurance training on our own time. It’s not just about hitting girls, but a game of strategy, position and protecting your own girl every time the jammers round the track. It’s a pretty cool sport so far from what I’ve experienced! I havent played a bout yet and I’m no expert, but I welcome questions. ๐Ÿ™‚

Humbled by the support. Thanks!!!!

The Deathbridge Derby Dames fundraiser was a great success and I was happy to meet everyone when I had a few minutes to mingle! Special thanks to my gal pals who fed their starving derby girl some nachos. Nom nom. Also thanks to our sponsors, donators, auction bidders and auction winners.

Things I learned… I need to practice my derby autograph; my maneuvering skills through a crowd are quite decent, unless the floor is wet; going down stairs in skates isn’t that hard; flash mobs full of British guys aren’t always a good idea; chicks on skates are smokin’ hot!

Henotic; you are the best live band venue in town. I’m sad you’re closing. Thanks to all the bands too. Phantom Creeps, you rocked my fishnets off!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures. But if I get a hold of some through FB I’ll cross post them on here.

My body hurts from being on skates for 6 hours. Hurts so GOOD! Practice tonight should work the kinks out though.

Time for coffee.

Me in a nutshell

Newly written and for your enjoyment. Cross-posted in the ‘About Me’ section. But do y’all really read that? Thought so…

I love shoes and dressing with style. But also have an extensive collection of concert T’s and sweatpants. I read Archie comics in the bathroom. You are a guest in my house only once; after that, get your own damn glass of water. I prefer used jeans over new ones. Candy and chocolate are my weaknesses. So is ice cream. I don’t cook and don’t clean unless I absolutely have to, but can bake a mean set of Christmas cookies. I am the best turkey stuffer in my family. I don’t car pool, don’t playdate, don’t scrapbook and I don’t give a fuck what other suburban moms think of me. My neighbours don’t like me because I refuse to water my lawn. I like bugs, but have a strange satisfaction in salting slugs in my garden. Ants amuse me. I have no tattoos or piercings. I work for a union, which surprises even me sometimes. I vote Green, NDP or MJ… whichever has the least of the idiots running. Don’t do religion, but can appreciate a good Solstice or Equinox. I have an iPhone/Facebook/Twitter addiction. I love taking photos but I’m, by no means, a professional. Fonts make me excited. As do software updates. Steve Jobs will one day rule the world and he makes certain of that by making me purchase every Mac product available. My mom is dead. It’s okay to ask me about it. My dad will scare the shit out of you. He’s a bad-ass-MF and has gone to jail to support a cause he believes in. I am a selfish fuck trying to live and share my life to the fullest, because we’re all going to die whether we spend our pension or not.

I did my civic duty

(How many of you laughed in your head when you read ‘doodie?’)

Last night myself and a few other Deathbridge Derby Dames went down to Lethbridge City Hall to check out the proposed plans for the North Lethbridge Regional Park. Having been kicked out of various outdoor locations already and potential to be kicked out of our current favourite spot to do laps, we figured it was time to let our voices be heard.

Initially, my thoughts going into this was trying to negotiate a nice, smooth, flat, outdoor space for us to skate on. But after thinking it through, it’s more than that which the city needs.

We have a rec ball hockey league that uses the public tennis courts for their games, but are booted off mid-April, right when the league should just be up and running. They need a surface surrounded by boards or a fence to call their own.

I have a boy who wants to learn to skateboard. The streets and sidewalks in my neighbourhood are very busy with traffic and not safe for a newbie. The only smooth wide open spaces are tennis courts (not allowed) or parking lots (not safe for a short kid) or the roads at the nearby cemetery (also not allowed & kinda creepy to some). He needs a safe, smooth, somewhat contained area that’s enjoyable for him to practice and learn.

We have a derby team that desires to practice together in the summer sun. While we have oodles of bike paths to choose from to train for speed and endurance, there is no allowable* place for us to play scrimmages and other fun drills in a group.

*Allowable as in we are skating there anyway, but if the powers-that-be knew we were there; we’d be booted out.

I really think the city could come up with a couple outdoor arenas that would suit all 3 needs, then maybe double as a floodable ice surface in the winter.

So we spoke to the the park architects who were responsible for drawing up the current concepts.

Unfortunately, none of the new concepts had what we were looking for, but the facilitator there was open to suggestions and encouraged our involvement by getting us to add suggestions to a sign-in board.

(If you’re curious about some of the concepts, click here!)

So, I did my civic duty…

hehehe doodie

We’ll see if anything comes up by participating. I’ll be watching city council carefully.

April 11 – First Official Practice (for real this time)

No specific thoughts about this session except… awesome! Maude put us through our paces and I loved every minute!

Drills we ran…

  • Weaving
  • Weaving with shoulder check
  • Weaving with hip check
  • One knee stops, both knees
  • One knee stops with 180 turn, both knees
  • T-Stops
  • Plow Stops
  • Toe Stops
  • Double knee fall
  • Superman slide fall
  • Baseball slide fall, both sides
  • Touching one knee to floor while in motion, both knees
  • Hops
  • Squat position while coasting around 1/2 the track
  • One foot glide while coasting around 1/2 the track, both feet
  • 5 one minute speed trials
  • Running on toe stops
  • Duck walking
  • Crossover walking
  • Looking inside, outside and behind while skating in a pack

I think that’s everything.

Considering our practice space (small) I can still feel myself gaining confidence to push my speed a little bit more. I only hit the wall once (because I couldn’t corner fast enough) and tripped over my skates once during the speed trials (but fell correctly, yay!). I’m really anxious to practice speed and my maneuverability through the pack, but I’m guessing that’s going to have to wait until we all can demonstrate proper control without injuring each other.

We also gathered all the silent auction items at this meeting. There’s some pretty cool stuff up for grabs so I hope everyone remembers to squirrel away some of their drinking money for the auction. My friend Des donated a pair of Olympic mittens (thanks Desi!!!!!) and I donated 3, 8×10 framed bridge prints (shameless plug for me). But other items range from a Zombie photo session, to a skate bag, to homemade jams & wine as well as snowboard gear! Thanks to all our sponsors who graciously donated!!! The support in the community has been really great.

Things on the agenda for this week…

  • Create video to show at the DDD Fundraiser on Saturday (do you have your tickets yet? Get them at Henotic or Blueprints)
  • Change my skates back to outdoor wheels (Wishful thinking? Snow has been forecast for the week)
  • START MY TAXES (ugh)
  • Finish up some design projects
  • Get ready for Auron’s birthday party (20 kids ugh)
  • Finish marking for the semester!!!!!
  • Continue keeping my ears open for a proper indoor venue to skate at

I see I have some subscribers! Thank you for keeping tabs on me! And thank you also to my cyberfriend The Active Stick for linking me on her blog. I hope you all don’t stay quiet for too long. I love comments; even if it’s to say I suck. Hahahaha

**Edited to add
Forgot to add that this practice was the first time I’ve ever worn a mouth guard. Weird and gross all at once.