Name change and practice jitters

My first choice of a name was similar to another derby girl’s name in Vancouver. Etiquette says to contact the owner of the name and get written permission to use the similar name.

So I found Barra Couga on Facebook and fired her off a message. The answer I got back was no, but she was flattered at the fact we had chosen similar names and encouraged me to try again.

So I did…

Again and again and again.

But I had tons of trouble coming up with a new one.

I confided in a few people who I knew had a way with puns and words and would do my new name justice.

Several were tossed around. I shall keep them quiet for now in case I need a backup name plan, but this name came from the husband who knows my favourite candy.

New name….

Cherri Blaster

Love it on so many levels!

Onto other things….
Started taking Caltrate… Seemed like an obvious thing to do.
Today is our first skate together as a group. Which means today is the day I make the decision if I’m going to be on a team or stay on the sidelines and coach, ref or just serve on the board.

I’m pretty confident in my skills but I’m still curious how I’m going to compare with the rest of the girls and if I’m going to be able to keep up. I suck at guessing ages, but of the girls I’ve met, I think I’m the oldest so far. I’m curious how I’ll fit into the pack and where my role will be.

I should mention that very few people know my involvement so far. I’ve told my students (who think it’s cool) my family (who think I’m crazy but supportive) and one friend (who would always support me regardless). No offense to those I didn’t confide in as I have several close friends I would have loved to share this with. But I suppose fear of failure is weighing heavily on me and I felt no point in sharing something that may not come to fruition.

Once I find out if and where I fit in with the group, I’m coming out to everyone as a derby girl and this blog will go public.

I’ll post after practice…


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