Snow Day • Name Day

Snow has hit the ground hence no practice for me tonight.

I’m kind of overly obsessed with practice right now because going all winter without being on skates is worrying me. Yes, I’m pretty comfy on them, but have no idea how balanced I’ll stay with 9 other girls in a close pack around me… Not to mention hitting.

Falls are part of the deal; totally get that. But if I can learn to throw my weight to avoid a fall, I’d prefer that.

So with snow on the ground and me snuggled under a blanket, let’s talk names. Derby girls get to pick a kick-ass name. It’s kind of the perk to the deal to pick an alter ego. I don’t know about my counterparts, but see me at work and you’d have no idea I’d be into derby. Having an alter ego is going to be one of the funnest parts. So I threw a couple around with the help of the husband…

Martini Mauler
Martini Mayhem

People think they’re funny when they call me Martini. (My real name is Martina) So the name kind of fits I suppose. But right now I don’t really see my role as a mauler or causing mayhem in derby. I think my body will be more built for speed so I’ve picked a kick-ass animal combo that I think says me….

Wait for it…

Barra Cougar

Barracuda’s (it’s a fish y’all; the kind that killed Nemo’s family and the cause of his gimpy fin?) have wicked teeth, as I have been told I have a mean set of incisors. Plus they are fast, lean and tend to frenzy feed in packs… Seems obvious.

Cougar… Well, they are slender, agile and I like kitties. It’s also a bit of a pun on my age… And no, I won’t be bringing home 20-somethings from derby to live up to the ‘other’ part of that name. (unless your name is Ben Pouliot or Carey Price and you reside in Montreal hahahaha)

So there you have it… Call me #6 Barra Cougar of the Deathbridge Derby Dames!

Haters can suck it.

PS if you looked in the right upperish corner of the blog you see I already had my name publicized. But I figured I’d post a method to my name-choosing-madness since this is MY diary. Suck it again, haters.


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