Shopping for safety

The weather turned kind of crappy when I got home so thoughts of skating after work were kiboshed. Instead I took my oldest boy out to the 2 skate shops in town, Bert and Macs, then Walmart for shopping for new pads.

My current knee and elbow pads are pretty cheap (they’re my kid’s actually) and don’t fit me well so wanted something a bit better.

Thanks to a tip from one of the girl’s on Sunday, she saw some Tony Hawk pads at Walmart for $20. After coming up empty handed at the other stores (one didn’t have their stock in yet and the other recommended to check some product on which they can order in) I decided to go with the $20 set until I really know what I want and need.

I decided my current wrist guards will suit me until I talk to one of the girls to see if they will be okay.

I consider myself lucky because I already have the skates and helmet. A lot of these girls are having to put a huge amount of coin for equipment before getting started. Wheels and bearings, however, I may have to invest in.

The knee pads are great! Very comfy and they fit my skinny legs. My elbow pad straps will need to be altered a bit so they fit tighter. I’m very happy with my purchase, but debating if I should rip off the Tony Hawk label and customize the knee pads with something more fun.

Snow is in the forecast. Ugh. I just want to SKATE!


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